Pancakes recipe at luxury ski Chalet Perdu in Les Gets

My children have grown up with pancakes after school on a winters day and as a part of a big Sunday brunch – its a time tested way of enticing teenagers out of bed and the ideal social Sunday. I am definately a morning person so having friends round to breakfast means I am truely at my best. Heres a full proof recipe and quantities do not have to be exact, its the technique of cooking and flipping the pancakes that key
Every ski season at Chalet Perdu the new chef has to humour me and learn the process. Its not crepes its just plain and simple Irish pancakes, healthy and adaptable
Use a big plastic serving spoon for measuring and use full fat milk as semi skimmed just does not work. Do not leave out the sugar even if you want to serve them with bacon
Put all of this in the Magimix and blend

3 big spoonfuls of plain flour
half teaspoon of cream of tartar
half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1 big spoonful of caster sugar
3 eggs
Full fat milk to make a coating batter

I use my grandmothers griddle, its has a lifetimes build up of pancakes, soda bread and potatoe bread and its perfect. I tried a new Stellar non stick griddle and it warped so try and find an old one at auction or a really heavy version – an electric frying pan can work well too

Heat a griddle evenly and smear with butter (just a light coating – its still healthy)
Drop a spoonful of batter on to the griddle – about 4 at a time
Only turn when all the bubbles that form on the surface have burst

You will learn the exact temperature and cooking time and then you will be able to make 50 in 10 minutes

Serve with jam, nutella, lemon juice & sugar or use them as part of bacon & eggs
Blenis – they are just baby pancakes
You probably won’t have any left over but when cold just fry them after the bacon or heat them up in the toaster

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