Chalet Perdu top 5 tips to become an Eco-Skier

Top 5 Tips to become an Eco Skier

ski on real snow - les gets, chalet perdu

Good practise for skiers  –

1. Use the train from London , share a minibus, car or taxi from Geneva Airport

2. Stay at Chalet Perdu – no car required, no bus required just walk 100m to the lift

3. Recycle rubbish, Chalet Perdu participates in The Les Gets Eco Charter

4. Do not have the chalet heating on full blast and then open the windows, turn off laptops, chargers and TVs in the chalet

5. Chalet Perdu uses local food to reduce food miles and refill a water bottle each day – the water is pure

Apart from what we’re doing to protect the planet with the CHALET PERDU TOP 5 – lets have a look at what Les Gets is doing to ‘GO GREEN’ – Les Gets has replaced diesel generators on ski lifts with solar panels and piste bashers run on bio diesel. Les Gets ensures that its snowmaking systems run without any chemical additives.

According to skiing is over 4500 years old and was made popular by the Norwegians in the 1700’s as a leisure activity. You’d think an activity this old would be green, but that is not the case. Don’t ski on artificial snow – Artificial snow taxes the water supply. It takes about 90 million cubic meters of water to put snow on a mountain for a season. That’s as much water as 1.5 million people use in a year. Wait until it actually snows to go skiing. Take the train to the mountain top – It is true that trains take longer to get to their destination than planes, but they don’t burn as much fuel. Taking a train to the mountain will save on travel emissions and stay on the slopes – Skiing might bring you close to the wilderness, but the wilderness is home to plants and animals. The ski slopes have been set aside for skiing. Don’t go ploughing through virgin territory. You could destroy snow-covered plants and disrupt the habitats of mountain animals… not such good news for the snowboarders and off-piste action skiers but worth considering.



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